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We are the Online Christian Union, a group of Students at Staffordshire University's Stafford campus who decided to put our main CU meetings online in the hope of reaching more people through the use of the World Wide Web.

The reason for this decision? Well, Stafford campus is known for being the 'Tech campus' of Staffordshire University; most of the students (at least the ones who go to the CU at present) do computing or technology-based degrees. As a CU we realised that since we had the know-how and the facilities, we may as well have a go at trying something radical which could help the message of the gospel get to some of our students who may otherwise miss out on the chance to hear the message!

For more info and how you can help watch our 'about us' video or get in touch


Well It's goodbye from us at the Online CU, we hope you loved the show as much as we did <3
If you've been brewing over anything raised in the show head to your local church/ CU and ask them more.

So long and God bless!

- The Online CU team


The end of the line

End of the line


It's that time of the year that we knew was coming
The time has passed so fast
We've not long had the show up and running
But we hope that your memories will last

Yes it's our final show ever* and we're going out with a bang. This week we finish the Uncover studies on study F and we have a very very special new trick. It's one to watch!

Thanks for being a fantastic audience; praying for, voting for and rooting for us over the last few weeks. We all hope you have an awesome year and the very best of luck to any of you graduates who are reading this!

Stay Classy

*Final show ever is likely as we are losing both presenters and both directors from the CU for placement/ final year. We would love to continue it, but need prayer that we get the right people next year!

At TheOnlineCU we are now doing a series of talks based around UCCF's Uncover series!

What is Uncover?

In 2011 UCCF launched the Uncover Seeker Bible Study (SBS). Uncover SBS is a series of six Bible Studies in Luke’s Gospel written by Rebecca Manley Pippert. See here for more info.

Then in 2012 Uncover Gospel's were launched. These are moleskin copies of Luke's account, full of QR codes for you to scan which link to videos.

For even more information about Uncover head to the site - Click here.

Can I get one?

Yes, and best yet they're free! You can either get in touch with us here if you're in Stafford and we'll drop one off, or Order one here if you're not!

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